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Share All Your Links With A Single Zap!

Transform your digital networking with Zapmii’s advanced link-sharing NFC solutions. We have customisable and eco-friendly smart networking cards and tags.

Zapmii Smart NFC Social Presence Card, With Phone Showing Zapsite

How it Works.

Experience our exclusive four journeys, offering a personalised adventure from ordering your Zapmii digital identity card to crafting your digital story on your microsite.

Order your favourite Zapmii product

Choose from a variety of smart cards and tags designed for different use cases and industries.

a screenshot of zapmii store product

Wait for your shipment

Once you've chosen your Zapmii Card, sit back and relax as we prepare to ship it directly to your doorstep.

image of zapmii product

Start designing your microsite

Activate your Zapmii NFC Card, dive into design, and personalize your microsite, showcase your work!

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Zap & share your links

With your Zapmii product in hand and your NFC solution set up, start sharing your links with just a tap.

A hand holding social presence card

Explore Our NFC Products.

Discover our range of NFC products designed to provide seamless and efficient link sharing for individuals and businesses alike.

a set of smart NFC mobile tags


Our NFC tags are perfect for those who want to add a touch of personalisation to their everyday objects. Simply stick our NFC tags onto your desired surface and customise the link to share relevant information with a simple tap. Perfect for sharing your social media links or contact information with others.

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set of smart NFC social presence cards

Business iCards

Zapmii Business iCard offers peace of mind with anti-loss tracking. It stays within reach via nearby iOS devices, and you can locate your iPhone with a prompt sound through the Find My App. It also features NFC technology for easy sharing of your digital identity, including social media and contact links.

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Create Your Microsite and Connect in 2 Seconds

From artists to entrepreneurs, influencers to professionals, this is your canvas to shape as you envision. Create your Microsite, share your NFC card, and witness the magic of instant connections.

Customisable Templates
Personalised Domain
Contact Card Integration
Admin Portal
Comprehensive Analytics
Multimedia Integration
Social Media Integration
Responsive Design
Interactive Elements
Advanced Security Features
SEO Optimisation

Our Admin Panel.

Take control of your microsite with Zapmii's user-friendly admin portal, allowing you to customise and track your analytics with ease.


The Dashboard section of Zapmii's Admin Portal provides users with a comprehensive overview of their analytics, including a virtual device that displays the current microsite and its link in a mobile preview, a leaderboard of Zapmii users, and top themes, making it easy for users to track their performance and stay up-to-date on important metrics.

z-admin dashboard page


The Appearance section of our Admin Portal is where you can truly make your microsite your own by customising its appearance with various design options such as background, button colours, and fonts, using our pre-designed elements or adding your own.

z-admin appearance page


The Analytics section in the admin portal offers a comprehensive view of your microsite's performance, displaying detailed metrics such as visitor numbers, click-through rates, and more, along with the ability to select specific timeframes for advanced analysis.

z-admin analytics page

Help us make a difference,
One Tree at a Time

At Zapmii, we believe in giving back to the environment, and our planting trees initiative is a step towards a greener future. For every Zapmii NFC card sold, we plant a tree in a designated area, helping to offset carbon emissions and support reforestation efforts. Join us in making a positive impact on the planet.

Over 100000 trees plantedwe are collaborating with onetreeplanted

You can find our more about our tree planting efforts here.

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New Arrivals.

Check out our top products in Zapmii store, we've got everything you need to boost your social presence. Get started today and take your online presence to the next level with Zapmii!

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