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Your Health, Connected Anywhere

In a fast-paced world, every moment matters. Get essential info instantly with our Zapmii Health
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Experience the Difference

Discover the comfort of knowing your loved ones are always a zap away. With Zapmii Health, emergency information and location are instantly accessible, making every second count when it matters most.
How it works

Emergency Access

Quickly share crucial health details and notify loved ones in just one zap.
Clip, Carry, Connect
Clip Zapmii Health to your stuff or take it with you to keep up with your health info easily.
Scan with Ease
Just scan our NFC tag with any phone to see your important health details right away.
Stay Informed
In a crisis, helpers can see your health info fast to give you the care you need.
How it works

Lost & Found

Found some lost? Just scan their Zapmii Health, and we'll instantly tell the family member where the person is.
Attach & Secure
Put Zap Health on your things or take it along to keep track of your health easily.
Sync & Locate
Link your card to the Find My app to find people or things quickly, from anywhere.
Navigate & Inform
Use Find My to get to Zap Health fast, so you can reach your loved one when needed.
Our Product

Your Personal Health Guardians

Get healthy with our Bracelet, Tag, and Card.
NFC Embedded
GPS Tracking
Medical Profile
Zapmii Health Tag
Essential Info, Effortless Access
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NFC Embedded
GPS Tracking
Medical Profile
Zapmii Health Card
Your Portable Medical Profile
wishlist Card
NFC Embedded
GPS Tracking
Medical Profile
Zapmii Health Bracelet
Your Health, Around Your Wrist
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Our Exclusive Offers

Your Ultimate Health Kit

Check out our special bundles for a mix of fashion, safety, and health tracking. Save money and start getting healthier with our deals.


Get the Essential Pack for complete health safety on the go. Simple, secure, and smart!
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Family Care Pack

4 Bracelet
4 Tag
2 Card
It’s a practical, secure, and smart solution for health safety on the move.
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Explore the special features of Zapmii Health

Discover the additional benefits that make Zapmii Health an indispensable part of your daily wellness routine.
No Subscription
Buy once for lifetime medical info access and safety—no recurring fees, just peace of mind.
Seamless Sync
Feel free to include many emergency contacts, like family, friends, and your doctor.
Secure & Personal
Protect your Zapmii Health with a password to keep specific medical info private.
Alert & Aware
Zapmii Health offers customers the convenience of sending free email alerts to their registered contacts. Additionally, SMS alerts are also available. They can be sent at the same time as the email, when the Zapmii Health products are scanned. These services are optional and can be turned on or off within your account at any time.
They inform your emergency contact about your location via SMS with a link to Google Maps showing the location used to scan the product at the time.
All charges are confirmed to you before paying for a bulk of messages. The charges for these optional SMS services are 20p per message. Please note that this price is subject to increase from time to time.
Personalize Your Medical Profile

Tailor Your Medical Journey with Ease

Create your health story in our profile area. Add your allergies, meds, emergency contacts, and past health. It’s your health picture. Change it and take it with you to stay informed.
Zapmii Health Profile Details are like your online health ID. It has your name, birth date, and how to contact you. It’s more than just info; it’s your health story. With Zapmii Health, you’re making your health story. Keep it current to stay on top of your health.
  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Location
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Religion
  • Profile last updated time
Zapmii Health keeps all your important health details safe. It records your blood type, allergies, shots, and if you’re an organ donor. It’s not just for keeping records; it’s about protecting your health story. It’s more than a section; it’s a reliable friend for your health path.
  • Blood group
  • NHS number
  • Medical allergies
  • Vaccinations
  • Medical conditions
  • Registered organ donor
Emergency Contact in Zapmii Health is where you keep your most important contacts. They are ready to help in a pinch. With Zapmii Health, help is always close by. Your emergency contacts are listed clearly with their names and how to contact them. They are your backup when every second matters.
  • Name
  • Relationship
  • Contact’s Telephone Number
  • Email
In Zapmii Health’s Insurance Details, you can easily handle your insurance info. It includes the insurance company’s name and when your policy ends. Zapmii Health doesn’t just insure you; it gives you peace of mind. Have your favorite hospital and emergency contacts close, and your insurance paper just a click away. It’s about being ready, not just insured. Enjoy stress-free health care.
  • Name of policy
  • Name of insurer
  • Policy number
  • Expiry date
  • Preferred hospital
  • Contact’s telephone number
  • Policy document
Location Details in Zapmii Health show where you are so help can find you fast. Your address and emergency number mean quick care. It’s not just a place; it’s your safety net anywhere.
  • Country
  • Postcode
  • City
  • Address
  • Emergency Number of the country
The Medical Documentation section in Zapmii Health is a clear and handy place for all your health papers. It keeps your dental details and doctor’s info sorted and easy to get to. Zapmii Health helps you arrange your health care steps. It’s your organized health info, always there for you.
  • Dental Plan Name
  • Prepared Medical Professional Name
  • Medical Professional Title
  • Medical Professional Telephone Number
  • Medical plan details
In Zapmii Health, the messages section is where users can add important emergency messages to share with others.
  • Messages
  • Resuscitate details
Our Mission

Making a safer future for all families.

Our main goal is to make sure everyone, especially kids and the elderly, feels safe and calm. We make products that help families know their loved ones are safe, anywhere they are.
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