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Zapmii Influencer getting her ZAP featured on  for brand awareness
Influencer or an Ambassador getting premium features and products from Zapmii Sharing Simplified

Get early access to premium products and features.

Get early access to limited edition Zapmii products and premium features which will give you a leading edge over other Zapmii users.

Get your Zap featured and increase your brand awareness.

Your Zap will be featured in our social media and websites - opening up your brand to thousands of users worldwide.

Get invited to exclusive ambassador events.

You will be invited to our member exclusive ambassador events worldwide - expand your network and connect with an exclusive network of individuals.

Get enrolled to early adopter programs.

As an early adopter, you will be the first-in-line to use all our latest features.

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Influencer or an Ambassador getting rewarded from Zapmii Sharing Simplified

Get rewarded for every referral.

Zapmii Ambassador Rewards Points are our way of saying ‘thank you’. Zapmii Ambassador Program brings you unrivalled travel experiences, exclusive invitations and more.

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Get invited to promotional tours around the world.

Join us to get invited to promotional tours around the world - you will be touring some of the most exotic parts of the world, all expenses paid.

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Whether you're a creator, solo-entrepreneur, small business, agency, or a charity with a good cause, apply today to be an ambassador and we will feature you and get you the exposure with added perks to spread your message.

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