General Features

Unleash your ZAP!

Utilize your ZAP to its fullest potential by looking at the myriad of features offered by Zapmii and having a beautifully designed ZAP profile in minutes.

Create Account

You can create a Zapmii account using a personal email, Google, or Facebook account. Additionally, you'll need a device ID, which can be obtained from the device you purchased from the Zapmii shop.


Z-Admin is your admin center where you customize your entire ZAP profile. It also provides you with insights into your visitor statistics. This is where you would want to go whenever there's any tweaking to be done in your ZAP. The content you share and your contact card information are all handled within Z-Admin.


Dashboard is where you initially land when you log into your Zapmii account. It’s the front page of your Zapmii account and displays various pieces of information to get you up to speed with the latest and greatest Zapmii has to offer, gives you quick insights about where your audience is coming from and much more.

Daily Stats

Your daily statistics will be displayed at the top of your dashboard, giving you a quick overview of how your ZAP has been performing among your audience. These Include

  • Total Views - How many people have viewed your Zap for the month.
  • Total Clicks - How many people click on the Links you’ve posted on your ZAP.
  • Average CTR (Click Through Ratio) - Provides you insight into what percentage of your visitors actually click on the links you have provided.

Top Themes

The top themes section will show you the most used themes from the our Zapmii user base, if ever you’re uncertain about what to select as your ZAP background, let the Zapmii community decide what backgrounds are the most appealing.


The share option displayed by the share icon next to play button allows you to share your ZAP on a number of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram and many more. If ever you would like to print and share your Links via QR code, this is where you would want to look into.

Wallet Pass

This allows you to integrate your ZAP link into your Apple Wallet. You then have the option of having all your important links directly in your personal Apple Wallet and sharing them via your wallet app.

Add Device

Add Device button let’s you add multiple Zapmii devices and generates a custom domain with a ZAP profile for each device that you’ve linked to your account. This is to help you maintain different social profiles for all types of social encounters.


The Links page helps you manage all the links you want your audience to view. All the customisations within your Link buttons are handled here, and Zapmii offers you various options of Link types, which we will discuss here.

Link Header

Within the link header, you can customise your name, job title, company name, control contact card data, and add a security pin for the contact card. When you enable the Contact Card feature, it will display a 'Contact Card' button on your ZAP, within the name card. To enable the button, you must first enable and enter a valid email or phone number."

The details in your Zapmii Contact Card could enable the use of:

  • Country - Let’s your audience know what country you’re from.
  • Email - Display your email address for your audience to get in touch with you.
  • Contact Number - Display your mobile or phone number for your audience to call you and book appointments or ask for more information.
  • Enable Security PIN - Adding a 4-digit numeric PIN code can help protect your contact information from unauthorised access by strangers.

Link Types

Link Types are the different types of links that you are able to select from when creating your ZAP profile. Each Link type provided by Zapmii is used for a unique purpose. The ability to select your Links will be available to you when you click on the “Add Link” button. The available options are:

  • Text - These Links allow you to redirect your user to a website of your choosing when the Link is clicked.
  • Image - Embedded images directly in your profile to share your most memorable moments directly on your ZAP. Custom image uploads are from your local device are also accepted here.
  • Video - Allows you to embed your favourite videos within your ZAP directly from platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook and Tiktok. Custom video uploads are from your local device are also accepted here.
  • Audio - Embeds an audio player directly to your ZAP to help your audience listen to your favourite tunes directly from platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more. Custom audio uploads are from your local device are also accepted here.

After you have managed to successfully create a Link, a Link will appear under “Zapsite Links” in your Links tab, and you can edit that link by clicking on the edit button.


The Link redirect feature offered by Zapmii lets the user redirect their audience who would try to access that Link to a brand new Link defined by the user.

If in case a certain site was down, you might opt to redirect them to a blog site where you explain the reason behind the site’s downtime.


Highlighting makes your Link stand out among the rest of your Links by "Popping Up" the link, thereby making it easily noticeable by your audience.


Thumbnails is yet another customisation feature provided by Zapmii for our users. It let’s the user upload a favicon from their local device to specified Link types in order to help their audience better understand what that Link is about.


This feature allows the user to switch their Link between “Active Links” and “Inactive Links” within a defined time period.

The personalised Link will then become active and accessible by your audience on your specified start date, and will be turned off and removed from your Zapsite on your specified expiration date.

Content Warning

This feature is to notify your audience that they are about to enter a link with explicit content, and asks them to confirm that they are old enough to view the content of the site that they are about to be redirected to.

Link Footer

Link Footer section provides you with a myriad of social media icons to display on to your ZAP.


Preview button lets you view your ZAP profile without it affecting the view count in your Analytics page. It’s more of a quality-of-life feature provided by Zapmii to save the user’s time. Click on play button to get a quick look into how your customisation have taken effect on your ZAP.

Rearrange Link Order

Rearranging the order in which your Links appear on your ZAP is another useful feature that’s available to you on your Link panel. You’re able to rearrange the Links from top to bottom by holding down and moving the three vertically placed dots found on the left hand side of your Link panel.


The Appearance page allows the user complete control over how their ZAP looks, from colourful animated backgrounds to changing the fonts and button styles. Visit this page to cater the visual aesthetics of your ZAP to your audience.

Zapsite Themes

Zapsite Themes contains a Vast collection of Colour, Gradient, Image and Video backgrounds with suitable font and link style options. You can easily customize your zapsite using these themes.

Video Themes

Video themes apply motion to your otherwise static Zapmii backgrounds. Explore some of our designer’s handpicked video backgrounds to completely mesmerize your audience.

Image Themes

Image themes consist of art and scenery backgrounds for your ZAP. Explore some of image themes that have been picked out by Zapmii to add gorgeous looking wallpapers to your ZAP.

Colour Themes and Gradients

Colour and Gradient themes are single, and duotone colour themes respectively.  These are colour palettes recommended by our skilled UI/UX engineers in order to captivate your audience.

Custom Themes

Custom themes offer you to explore the creativity in you. This allows the ability for the user apply colours of choice for their solid colour or gradient backgrounds, as well as upload their very own customised images or videos as their ZAP background.

Button Styles

In the Zapmii Admin, you have the option to choose from two types of button styles for your microsite. The first type is Default buttons, which offers four different shapes: Sharp, rounded, circle, and special. Additionally, you can select from three button styles: Regular, Dashed, and outline.

If you are looking to add some animation to your microsite, we have an Animated section style that provides three exciting button options: Ghost, Neumorphic, and Comic. These buttons will add an interactive and engaging touch to your microsite, making it stand out and capture your visitors' attention.


Font customisation is a feature which is offered by Zapmii to assist in customising the typography of a users ZAP. Choose from a wide variety of popular fonts such as Montserrat, Rubik, Helvetica and many more.


The Settings page allows you to set a warning overlay for explicit content when your visitors initially visit your site, and redirect the entire page to a different URL of your choosing

  • Sensitive Material - Enabling this feature displays an overlay as soon as your audience enters your site asking them if they are of age to view the content displayed on your ZAP.
  • Redirect URL - Once this feature has been enabled, all users that visit your ZAP will be immediately redirected to a URL of your choosing. If you so choose to have the Content Warning enabled, all users will be asked to confirm age before being redirected.
  • SEO Settings - Specify Zapsite title and description. You can see how they'll look in search engine results pages (SERPs), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
  • Facebook Pixels Integration - Maximize your advertising impact and track conversions accurately with seamless Facebook Pixel integration, enabling precise audience targeting and campaign optimization for your business. Facebook Pixel is a tracking code used for collecting data and measuring the effectiveness of Facebook ads. It helps optimize campaigns, target audiences, and track conversions. With Pixel, businesses gain insights into user behavior and improve ad performance, leading to better marketing outcomes.
  • TikTok Pixels Integration - Harness the power of TikTok advertising by integrating the TikTok Pixel, allowing you to measure and optimize your ad campaigns for maximum engagement and conversions on the popular social media platform. TikTok Pixel is a tracking tool similar to Facebook Pixel. It allows businesses to measure the performance of their TikTok ad campaigns, track conversions, and optimise their advertising strategies. By using TikTok Pixel, businesses can gain valuable insights and improve their marketing efforts on the platform.
  • Google Analytics - Gain valuable insights and track website performance with ease using Google Analytics integration, empowering data-driven decision making and optimising your online presence. Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that provides insights into website traffic and user behaviour. It tracks and analyses various metrics, such as page views, bounce rate, and conversions. This data helps businesses understand their audience and make informed decisions to enhance their online presence and marketing strategies.
  • Newsletter - Effortlessly capture and organise customer data with seamless form integration, simplifying your lead generation and marketing campaigns.


The Analytics page is where all of the audience data is captured and displayed to the user by presenting them with graphical charts. This data could be used to understand the audience to help improve your Zapmii experience.

Top Countries

Understand what country brings you the most visitors to adjust your content appropriately.

Top Referrers

Referrers let you know how your audience came across your ZAP. This could be via a direct links or a social media platforms, understand and target the top referrers bringing you a captivated audience.

Device Comparision

Understand which OS platform and which type of device most visitors use to visit your zap.

Top Devices

These statistics capture the users device data. Know whether the majority of your audience is generating traffic towards your ZAP on mobiles, desktops, tablets or laptops.

Top Browsers

Statistics to give the user insight into what type of browsers their audience uses on a daily basis. Whether they use Chrome, Explorer, Firefox or Opera you are able to analyse and provide them with a personalised and finer experience.

Top Platforms

Gives user insight into the type of operating systems used by their audience. Whether your audience comes from Linux, Android, iOS, or Windows you are able to target and cater to their needs.

Top Continents

Recognise the continents which generate the most traffic and to help with your creativity process.

Top Regions

Regions scope out the general vicinity of your audience within a country. Helpful when you’re trying to understand your customers visiting your local business.

Top Cities

Cities narrow your user base down to a city and let’s you gather valuable information on what they might be looking for when visiting your ZAP.


Editing your admin profile