One Tree at a Time!

Malawi 2024

Our goals are to prevent soil erosion, support wildlife habitat, promote sustainable use of forests, and foster diverse species growth.

Enyezini, Misuku, Kaswiti, Embangweni
Planting Location
Enyezini Misuku Kaswiti Embangweni
Project Description
The organization One tree planted is actively involved in reforestation efforts in Malawi. They are following the ten golden rules for reforestation as outlined by A. Hardwick and A. Antonelli. Deforestation in the areas where One tree planted is active is mainly caused by the need for wood for construction, production of charcoal, firewood for cooking, and wood for making bricks and tobacco curing. To relieve pressure on forests, the organization is assisting in planting woodlots and reforestation, teaching local women how to build clay brick rocket stoves, and investigating the use and promotion of solar cooking solutions. They provide sources of alternative income and emphasize the importance of protecting mature indigenous forests for various reasons. One tree planted is not only assisting in planting tree seedlings for reforestation now but also assisting in introducing a continuous management cycle of harvesting and replanting trees from woodlots and reforested areas in a few years. This grants local planters ownership of their own forests, achieving a high level of community engagement and tackling the inherent problem of “woodlots and reforestation”. The organization is supporting community forest committees that are safeguarding protected forest areas in some of their areas of activity. They work together with individual planters in the form of tree planting clubs, village chiefs, Traditional Authorities, Forestry Commission Officers, local government regulators, Beekeepers Association, Herbalists, and the Assistant Curator for the National Herbarium & Botanic Gardens of Malawi as well as Ken Coetzee and his team, especially to implement erosion-control. They aim to increase gender equality in Malawi and have employed 70% of women in all tree planting-related activities. One tree planted aims to maximize biodiversity recovery to meet multiple goals, and select appropriate areas for reforestation. They are only promoting the nursing and planting of indigenous forest tree species, which are compared with recommendations of VECEA map. They are planting fruit trees known to attract seed-dispersing wildlife to increase the odds of natural regeneration. Overall, One tree planted is committed to promoting sustainable and responsible reforestation practices, with a focus on community engagement, gender equality, and biodiversity. Their efforts are aimed at relieving pressure on forests, promoting alternative sources of income, and protecting mature indigenous forests.
Ecological Benefits
Our long term goals in all areas are to halt soil erosion completely and build up a soil layer inside the forests and to provide habitat for wildlife. Additionally the goal is to provide firewood & timber for locals in self-managed forest which will be in a condition enabling Assisted Natural Regeneration at a later stage. Another general goal ist to enable the growth of additional successor species to live in the forests like mushrooms, grasses and mammals. Exact number of benefitting species can not be given at this stage.
Community Benefits
Here is a short overview. A more detailed perspective is given in our proposal document. Employment -------------- We are employing community workers for nursery work, fencing, soil restoration activities, planting seedlings, watering, and more Education ----------- We support girls with Girl Student Education. Namely with food, clothing, school fees, additional courses, and counseling. Additionally, we educate all workers on how to grow their own seedlings and how to properly take care of planted trees, as well as we of course teach them all we know about the importance of indigenous trees Empowerment ---------------- A majority of paid workers are female Efficient cookstoves ---------------------- We don't only encourage tree planting but also do courses with women and show them how to build clay & brick rocket stoves to save firewood. This benefits them, the forests and the climate. Protection ----------- We support the community and their forest committee to protect the protected forest areas Families supported -------------------- We estimate there will be a total number of about 600 families supported. After planting season we will be able to give you an exact number and many personal stories of many of them.
Tree Species
All indigenous forestry species including: Albiza Versicolor, Senegalia Polyacantha, Afzelia Quanzensis, Khaya Nyasica, Faidherbia Albida, Terminalia Sericea, Tephrosia Vogelii, Pterocarpus Angolensis, Acacia galpinii / Senegalia galpinii, Erythrophleum, Albizia Adianthifolia, Sesbania Sesban, Ziziphus Abyssinica, Piliostigma/Bauhinia Thonningii. Fruit trees including: Mango, Oranges, Tangerines, Avocado, Pawpaw, Apples, Guava, Brazilian Nuts, Mulberry, Mexican apple.
Project Images
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