Z-Admin Basics

Get familiar with the basics of Zapmii

The page is intended to help you get started by providing the minimal amount of information required to have a ZAP Profile up and running.

Domain and Unique URL

If you recently purchased a Zapmii Device, you will find yourself selecting your domain when you connect your account to your device. Zapmii offers a plethora of unique domains to choose from such as zmii.tech for the tech enthusiasts, zmii.shop for small business owners or zmii.me for a more personalised touch.

Links and Link Types

After you’ve set up your device, the first thing you would want to look into is setting up what links you would want to share with your audience. Clicking on the “Add Link”  button will navigate you to select your link type where you are provided with a selection of Link types for

Social Links

Provides you with social media icons to your ZAP.


Allows you to embed your favourite videos within your ZAP directly from platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook and Tiktok. Custom video uploads are from your local device are also accepted here.


These Links allow you to redirect your user to a website of your choosing when the Link is clicked.


Embeds an audio player directly to your ZAP to help your audience listen to your favourite tunes directly from platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and More. Custom audio uploads are from your local device are also accepted here.


Embedded images directly in your profile to share your most memorable moments directly on your ZAP. Custom image uploads are from your local device are also accepted here.

Contact Cards

Zapmii contact card is the fastest way to share your contact details with your audience. With just a single tap, you could share your number and email with friends or potential clients. Choose which details you would like to share on your ZAP in the Zapmii Link header.

Sharing Methods

Sharing your profile has never been easier. Find the share icon at the top of your admin portal page and share your Link with the world using social media links such as VK, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. You are also given an auto-generated QR code for anyone walking into your business space to do a quick scan and visit your ZAP.

Apple Wallet

Integrate your Apple Wallet with Zapmii to store things that would otherwise take up space in your physical wallet. Now you have the option of having all your important links straight in your personal Apple Wallet.