New Year Networking: Our Tips For Growing Your 2024 Network
Digital Networking

New Year Networking: Our Tips For Growing Your 2024 Network

Our blog looks at some of the best tips for digital networking as we move into 2024.
March 6, 2024
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As we settle into the start of 2024, the importance of digital networking is still prominent. Whether you’re trying to grow your professional network or promote your personal brand, building and developing your connections is a great way to expand. Our blog looks at some of the best tips for digital networking as we move into 2024. To learn more, keep on reading!  

How Can I Grow My Network In 2024?  

There are so many ways to grow your network, meet new people and expand your horizons. Read below to discover some of our best tips for growing and maintaining new connections in 2024!  

Live Networking

While social media is being pushed to encourage networking, and the promotion of businesses, is it really effective? Social media can be a tricky game to play, especially if you aren’t investing any money into your platforms.  

Live networking events, on the other hand, can be an extremely powerful way of networking for people who prefer a face-to-face interaction. Live networking is a great space for meeting like minded people and entrepreneurs! If you’re looking to change the way you do things this year, try attending a live networking event in 2024!  

Prioritising Relationships  

The people you meet at networking events are important, and building these relationships should be your focus. Expanding your professional circle can open up more opportunities and introduce you to more and more people.  

Keeping Business Cards Handy

Business cards are a key part of networking, and they offer a straightforward way of exchanging details. Your business card can be personal to your company, truly reflecting what your brand is all about. Here at Zapmii, we’ve created a way for business card exchanges to be even simpler with our range of Social Presence Cards.  

Following Up  

Having a conversation with a new connection isn't the end of your relationship. After meeting people and exchanging business cards, it’s crucial to follow up! You can send a friendly, casual email to rejog their memory of your encounter and express gratitude for the conversation you had.  

Following up allows you to keep open lines of communication with new people and show that you have deeper intentions.  

Zapmii: Effortless Networking & More

Here at Zapmii, we understand the importance of digital networking for professional success, and we want to make it easier. Our seamless and efficient networking solutions are designed to create a hassle free way of networking.  

With our revolutionary business card exchange and social presence cards, networking has never been easier. You can head to our website to order your custom contact card or NFC tags today!  

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