How To Set Up Your Digitised Social Card: A Complete Guide
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How To Set Up Your Digitised Social Card: A Complete Guide

A fantastic way to share your social identity with others.
April 3, 2024
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In today's digitally connected world, our online presence is more important than ever. Whether it's a global brand, your personal network, or simply keeping in touch with others, using online tools can help us develop these connections. Here at Zapmii, we understand the importance of networking and the digital landscape, which is why we created a solution.  

Our Social Presence Cards and NFC Tags were designed to offer a unique and convenient way for people to connect, exchange details and develop their connections.Our use of NFC technology offers a new way for people to expand their online connections. Keep reading our blog to find out more about NFC technology, as well as our step by step guide to setting up your Social Presence Card!  

Zapmii Social Presence Card: What Does It Do?  

Our Zapmii Social Presence Cards are a unique and innovative way for you to grow and expand your network, whether it be personal or professional. After setting up your account and creating your online profile, tapping your custom NFC Card will allow your microsite to be visible on the other users screen, where they can browse your profile.  

Our cards come in a range of exclusive designs, allowing you to express your personal side, or find a design that reflects your business. Our NFC technology makes it simple to tap and connect with others, taking them to your personalised microsite, where they can learn more about you or your brand.  

Why Is Online Presence So Important?

Online presence is important for a number of reasons, read below to learn why.  

  • Professional Opportunities - Professional networking is extremely important in today's digital landscape, and having a good social presence online is important for potential employers or customers. It increases your chances of business development and career growth.  
  • Personal Branding - Personal branding is another important part of your social presence too, and having control of your online presence is vital. This can be crucial for creating the online presence you want, to potential employers, peers and others.  
  • Networking  - Online presence is extremely important when it comes to networking, allowing like-minded people to interact and collaborate.  
  • Reaching A Wider Audience - Whether you're a business owner or using your platform to build your personal online persona, a good online presence can make a world of difference. You have access to a wide range of people, across a global scale, allowing you to reach a wider audience.  

How Do Our Social Presence Cards Help?  

  • Standard business cards have been around for years, but we wanted to elevate the way people exchange their details. By using our custom NFC cards, you can quickly share your details with others, saving all the hassle of searching for social media accounts or hunting down someone's online profile.  
  • Our customisable features are also an effective way to tailor your brand image, your profile and create a cohesive brand image across all your platforms.  
  • Our advanced security features offer you peace of mind that your information and content will be secure and monitored. Our secure login and security pins for visitors will allow you to have complete control of who is able to view your profile and access your information!  
  • If you run your own business, it's important to have analytic information that you can then use to assess your social performance. Zapmii offers a comprehensive analytics section, where you can explore your insights with ease.  

What Is NFC?  

Our Zapmii networking cards are a physical card, much like a credit or debit card (but with a totally different purpose)! Our stylish networking cards use NFC technology, allowing you to conveniently exchange details and expand your network seamlessly. But, what exactly is NFC technology?  

NFC, also known as Near Field Communication, is a technology commonly found in smartphones, which allows wireless communication based on a close range. You may be thinking of something similar to wifi or bluetooth, but NFC wireless connections rely on a much closer proximity.  

Our NFC tags and cards contain tiny integrated circuits which contain a copper coil, as well as data storage space. The NFC device generates electricity, giving it the ability to transmit data.  

NFC has a range of advantages, and can be used in a range of different ways. You may encounter NFC technology for:  

  • Data transfers
  • Mobile payments  
  • Gaming  

One of the key advantages of NFC technology, in comparison to Bluetooth, is that it doesn't drain your battery, or require human pairing, meaning you can use your NFC Tag or Social Presence Card with ease!  

Setting Up Your Digital Profile Card: Step By Step

When it comes to setting up your Zapmii social presence card, all you need to do is follow our simple steps! Read below to learn more about the simple process to set up your social presence card today!  

First Things First

First things first, once you've received your Social presence card in the post, it's time to set up your card! The first thing you'll need to do to get started is head to https://zapmii.com. From there, you'll need to select the ‘Z-Admin’ button to get started!  

Create Your Digital Contact Card

Now you've got your card ready, it's time to create your digital profile with Zapmii! You can sign up to Zapmii with your email address,  or one of our integrated sign up options like Google or Facebook!  

Let’s Get Connected

Now we're in! Once you've signed in with your email, Google or Facebook account, it's time to set up your card! To connect your NFC Social Presence Card, select the 'Add device' option on your account. Then, you'll need to type in your Device ID, which will be on the packaging of your card.  

Once you've put your Device ID in, simply follow the onscreen instructions on your device.  

Build Your Profile

No you've completely set up your Digital Profile, you're ready to start building! To get started on your profile, head to the 'Links' page and click 'Add new link to'. Now you are able to add your social media links, video links, and audio links to your digital creator profile!  


Now onto the fun part! You can browse our range of templates and themes, or get creative and create your own! You can customise your profile with different colours, fonts, graphics and even button designs. Let your creative side run free and customise your profile with your own unique design!  


Privacy and security is crucial, with any social platform, and our digitised social profiles are designed to give you control of your privacy. After you've created your unique profile, you can go into your Settings to choose the information that you would like to be on your downloadable digital profile. You can adjust which details are visible on your profile, and also amend other privacy measures.  

Zap Away!  

And there we go! You're all set up! To start sharing your Zapmii digital profile, make sure that you use the 'Share' option in the bottom right corner of your profile. And away you go! Get started with building and sharing new connections, as well as showcasing your new Digitised Social Presence.  

Additional Support

If you're having any problems while setting up your Social Presence Card, simply contact our team for additional support. We will be happy to help you with any questions you have!

Zapmii: Custom NFC Cards, Social Presence Cards & More

Our innovative products are an excellent tool in the digital world, allowing you to conveniently make and develop new connections with a simple Zap! If you're interested in our Social Presence Cards or our custom NFC Tags, head to our website shop to browse our wide range of styles, and order your custom card today!

For further enquiries about Zapmii, or to learn more about why our products are right for you, get in touch with us today. Our team will be happy to help you find the social media portfolio solution that's right for you.  

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