How a Digitised Social Media Card Can Benefit Your Business
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How a Digitised Social Media Card Can Benefit Your Business

The modern age is digital through and through
January 30, 2024
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The modern age is digital through and through - there’s no doubt about it. In a world where notebooks are neglected for the notes app on your mobile, business cards, too, are falling out of fashion. Many people will pop a business card in their pocket, wallet or bag and swiftly forget about it, being distracted by their busy lifestyle - which is conveniently managed with the help of technology.
That’s why we’ve created digitised personalised business cards. Read on below as we delve into what these are, how they work and why you could benefit from one.

What is a Zapmii NFC Networking Card?

A Zapmiii networking card is a physical card - akin to a credit or debit card in appearance (although a lot more fashionable!) - that uses an integrated Near-Field Communication (more commonly known as NFC) tag that can then be tapped by a compatible NFC-enabled device, such as a smartphone or smartwatch.

Upon tapping your networking card, then your tailored microsite will appear on the other users’ screen, allowing them to browse your profile and connect with you. This is a quick, convenient and paperless way to connect with new people, without the awkward hassle of having to manually search social tags.

How Does NFC Technology Work?

NFC technology is a type of short-range wireless technology that allows devices to communicate with one another when in close proximity. This is achieved through the use of NFC tags. These tags are tiny integrated circuits that contain a copper coil and a data storage space, which are then placed inside devices such as smartphones, smartwatches or wireless earbuds - or, in this case, a networking card.

Whilst information can be stored or gathered on an NFC tag, because it lacks a power supply, this is only possible when another device with NFC capabilities is brought next to it. This is because wireless communication through NFC is dependent on proximity; the compatible NFC device's vicinity generates electricity in the tag and allows data transmission.
It is this technology that makes contactless payments on debit and credit cards, mobile devices and smartwatches possible, which is the most common and popular use of NFC technology that we often see today.

The Features of Our Cards

Our cards have been designed with you in mind, which is why they include numerous features that you can benefit from. Some of the key features of our cards include:

  • Attractive Designs: Our cards are available in a range of almost 50 different designs, so that you can choose one that not only stands out, but speaks to you and your business, whether you’re looking to express yourself or prefer a more professional aesthetic representation.
  • Contactless NFC Technology: Thanks to the use of NFC technology, all it takes is a single Zap to connect with people using your virtual identity card.
  • Personalised Microsite: When you receive your Zapmii card, activating it will take you to your own microsite, which can then be personalised to showcase your work or business, as well as link all of your social media profiles in one place for people to easily find and connect with you.

The Benefits of a Digitised Personal Contact Card

Share Contact Details Quickly & Easily

With traditional business cards, there is no guarantee that the people you hand your card out to will then be proactive in searching up your information and connecting with you online. Not only that, but if they accidentally type your username wrong when searching you up on social media platforms, then they may end up connecting with the wrong person or business.

On top of that, searching for a social media account in this way can be... well - a faff. With the immense number of users on various social platforms, everyone requires a different username; however, this comes with it the issue of first-come-first-serve. Unless you have an incredibly unique username, chances are someone else may already have snagged it for themselves, meaning you’re left having to add in random numbers and symbols into yours, making the process of other people searching you up even harder.

With a digitised contact card, this room for error is mitigated. Upon Zapping your card, potential connections are taken to a personalised microsite that will include links to your relevant social channels, meaning they can find you quickly and easily - and you can rest assured that it will definitely be your account that they’re redirected to!

Customisable Cards & Microsite Templates

As we’ve already mentioned, our cards come in a range of designs. These designs range from plain cards and those with minimalist designs, to those that are bold and colourful, so that you can find one that resonates with you or your business. We also regularly release new ranges of limited edition designs if you’re really looking to stand apart from the crowd!

As for our standard designs, these are categorised by the following:

  • Business Cards
  • Illustrations
  • Abstract
  • Cities of Earth
  • Iconic Black Collection

We also offer a Save Our Planet Collection. This is our eco-friendly collection of cards that are made from bamboo, with designs that promote sustainability.

Along with having the option to choose from a range of card designs, you also have the power to customise your personalised microsite. Upon activating your card, you will be taken to your personal microsite, where you will showcase the information and links that you want other people to see when they Zap your card.

We offer a variety of templates, allowing you to customise your microsite with:

  • Links
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Shops
  • Donations
  • Social Media Links
  • Images
  • Text
  • A Bio

You can pick and choose which of the above list you wish to include on your microsite, all whilst adapting the colour scheme and design to reflect your unique personal or brand identity.

Advanced Security Features

When it comes to technology, privacy and security is paramount. With our cards, we offer peace of mind that you can keep your content and information secure and monitored.

Firstly, you will use a secure login to access your profile on Z-Admin. This is particularly useful for businesses or organisations that have a team of employees, since the ability to access and change information on your microsite can be limited to certain personnel (e.g. you, general manager and social media manager) who have the login information.

There is then an option to enable a security pin, so you can control who has access to your account information. This means visitors to your microsite will need to enter a 4-digit pin, which you can provide them with, in order to view your information, stopping it from being viewed by unauthorised strangers.

We’ve also integrated a sensitive content feature, so depending on the nature of your content, users can be alerted with a notification when they are connected to your microsite, prompting them to choose whether or not they wish to proceed.

Comprehensive Analytics

As a business owner, tracking people’s interaction with your social accounts is an effective way to assess your social performance and identify areas of improvement in your social strategy. You can do just that in your admin portal thanks to our analytics section.

This offers you a comprehensive view of your microsite's performance, displaying detailed metrics such as visitor numbers, click-through rates and more, along with the ability to select specific timeframes for advanced analysis.
For example, you can see which of your accounts has the most weekly, monthly and yearly viewers, with access to geographical statistics that show where your accounts are most popular. You can also enable Google Analytics and TikTok Pixel integration to boost your advertising impact.

Environmentally Friendly

When you buy a Zapmii card, then you can help contribute to a greener planet. Not only do we offer our eco-friendly collection, but for every one of our cards sold, we plant a tree in a designated area, helping to offset carbon emissions and support reforestation efforts.

On top of that, owning a singular business card is a much more sustainable approach to connecting with people than traditional paper cards. Rather than producing multiple paper cards that will often sit unused and end up being thrown away, a single, digitised card can be actively used to connect with the same number of people as an infinite amount of business cards - with less production required and less waste produced.

Transform Your Digital Networking Today

So, what are you waiting for? Transform your digital networking efforts by ordering your Zapmii smart card today.

Did we mention we also offer digital networking tags? These smart tags are ideal for attaching to everyday objects, offering yet one more way for sharing your social media links or contact information with others!
Shop our products today, or get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about how it works.

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