Curating A Professional Social Media Presence
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Curating A Professional Social Media Presence

Let Zapmii take you through some of the leading ways.
April 4, 2024
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Perhaps you’re a professional looking to establish yourself as a leader within your field, and want to polish your professional exterior online? Or you may even own a business or brand, and need to ensure your existence on several social media sites is consistent and polished? Whatever your context, curating a professional social media presence can really prove beneficial. Let Zapmii take you through some of the leading ways to give yourself that edge on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram.  

Images And Media

Images and media within your social media offering should appear professional and in-line with your brand or persona, so if you’re presenting a businesslike demeanour across Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram for example, you may well want to consider any videos and images you publish. Clips and pictures of you out and about having a good time may suit your online presence on occasion, but ensure this is offset by professional and thoroughly considered media aligning with your strategy. You may even want to use editing software.

Dedicated Link Sharing

Link sharing is a great way to build up professional contacts, showcase your brand in an interesting manner and contain all of your social media links and sites onto one dedicated page. With sharing simplified, Zapmii can allow you to share all of your links, in one simple zap! Easy to set up, and simplistic to use, our social presence cards are made from durable plastic, while our NFC tags are perfect for those who want to add a touch of personalisation to their everyday objects. Curating your digital profile could hardly be easier.

Tweets Or Posts

Posts are likely the bulk of your social media offering, from the keen tweeter to the Facebook status addict. Though platforms such as Linkedin especially exist to showcase business achievements and employment goals, that isn’t to say you can’t have a similar impact when communicating via other more conventional sites and platforms. Hesitate next time you consider posting about the latest trend, and think if it really fulfils your ideal social media persona, and how you want to appear to followers, friends or potential customers.

Consistency Across Platforms  

Consistency across platforms is a great way to give yourself a professional and uniform appearance across your various social media presences, and this can be achieved by really observing the details and tapping into a familiar and recognisable look. Zapmii templates can be curated to your exact preferences, with these colour schemes, and themed backgrounds giving you the edge against similar influencers or business owners. You can even customise your microsite with links, audio, video, shops, donations, social media links, images, text, and a bio.

A fantastic way to share your social identity with others, all thanks to the tap of a phone, Zapmii products allow you to seamlessly send those you meet to your dedicated online profile. With your Zapmii product in hand and your NFC solution set up, you’re able to start sharing your links with just a tap, so contact us today for more information on this fantastic modern option

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