Why Do I Need A Personal Link?
Personal Branding

Why Do I Need A Personal Link?

Understand Why You Want A Personal Link
October 25, 2023
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A personal link is an excellent way to publicize your personality and expertise. We'll look at what you need to do to establish a personal link that best represents who you are and helps you achieve your aspirations.

Consider your personalized link's theme and goal. You could desire to share your latest travel videos and links to your travel blog or a place to post all your links to social media platforms for your creative work. Alternatively, you may want a personalized link to help your clients get in touch with you show case your work and and get paid as a freelance web designer all in one place. Maybe you might be interested in a copywriting portfolio with a link to download your CV help recruiters get your contact details, showcase recent events you’ve visited to help you land a new full-time job. If nothing else, you can have one single page to share all your links for kitty cat content.

Analyze Your Audience

Most personal links cater to persons with distinct interests. Knowing who you're attempting to reach is as crucial as knowing why you're creating a personal link in the first place.

This personal link for gaming streamer could be structured in Zapmii with a focus on links to your biggest achievements, other social media platforms that you reach out for your audience, favorite game time music playlists, and even have a video background loop of some your favorite game. The creativity is endless.

Thoughts And Ideas


The proper use of colors is vital in current day to day life. It’s important when you want to build branding and people can just look at a theme and create a connection with your branding. Zapmii let’s you do just that with your digital business card where you get color customization at the tip of your fingers.


Videos are a great way to keep your audience engaged with what you do. It helps them create a more personal connection with your business or brand. Zapmii let’s you embed videos from all types of social platforms into your digital business card. Imagine you sharing your band business card with a single tap, and not only do you get to share your contact details but also a short yet powerful clip on what your business is about.


Maintaining a blog for your business is a great way to attract an audience for your niche. It’s also a great way to keep your audience up to date on what the latest and greatest that’s happening around the world in your industry. Having a standard business card only let’s you print your links, and most of the time a person with your card will not take the time to type out the link in the URL bar. However, with a digital business card, all your articles are going to be just a click away.


Zapmii let’s you integrate your payment links into your personal link as well. Imagine you having a catering service, you’re at an invent and you meet someone who loved your service and wants to book you for next week. With a your virtual business card, just with a single tap, you’re now going to be able to give that person a plethora of ways that they can reach you with, and make the upfront payment then and there in a matter of seconds.


People in the early 90s up until the digital boom only had the telephone as a fast communication method, the other methods such as snail mail, just took too long to get the message across. Now in the 21st Century, communication has never been simpler or faster. Your business has never been more accessible before, because you now advertise on Facebook and maintain a social presence on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, or VK so your potential clients could come from anyone of these platforms.

When you have a digital business card not only can you share your phone number, and email address, but you can cover all of your business’s social presence.

Personalized Domain

Zapmii is the only service that provides you a personalized domain for your business absolutely free! You can choose from a variety of domains such as .me, .shop, .club, .info, .digital and many more. This is the cherry on top to personalize your brand to completely “Wow” your audience.

Other Features

These are just the some of the features that you could use gather clientele from all over the world. Zapmii offers many more features, such as priority links, redirects, and even analytics to help you gather statistics to see from what part of the planet your gaining visitors and what content your viewers are most interested in.

Show The World Who You Are

No matter who you are and what you do, having a personal link is vital for letting your audience find all that makes you unique. It functions as a beacon, attracting those who are fascinated by who you are or what you do. It may link you with individuals and open doors to chances that might otherwise be missed.

What makes you stand out? What are your skills? And what is essential to you? Get yourself a personal link and tell us all about it.

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