Making Connections: Key Features Of A Digital Identity Card
Contactless Networking

Making Connections: Key Features Of A Digital Identity Card

A digital identity card can transform your approach to networking.
March 6, 2024
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Networking has been an essential part of the business world for decades, where this effort towards communication and collaboration allows companies to grow in their chosen direction. This process involves socialising in a business setting, which facilitates the exchange of contact details in order to form enduring professional relationships.

Formerly, paper business cards were the accessory of choice that allowed for the easy exchange of information. These would feature the company name, logo and key contact details, allowing new clients, customers and investors to get in touch at their leisure.  

Today, digital technologies have paved the way for a better approach to networking. Digital identity cards allow users to simply tap and go, where they will instantly gain access to all the contact information they need on their phone screen. Read on to find out more about the key features of these cards, with a look at the NFC technology that powers them.

Introducing NFC Technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is currently built into most smartphones, where it facilitates contactless payments as well as a range of other wireless functions. NFC technology can also be used for data transmission between a digital business card and a user’s mobile device, where this can act as a modern substitute for paper cards.

More specially, NFC technology works through the use of the inductive coupling principle, where a reader device produces a magnetic field by transmitting an electric current via a coil. Then, when a device with its own coil is brought close to the field, an electric current is induced within the device. This can be achieved without the need for direct contact. After the initial coupling, any data contained within the device can be sent to the reader wirelessly.

This principle can be used for the sharing of contact details in a simple transaction. A business will have their own digital identity card that contains NFC technology. This can be tapped by a smartphone to form a connection, where the phone user will be sent straight to the company microsite, which will feature a range of essential social media and product links.

Features Of A Digital Identity Card

When you choose a digital identity card from Zapmii, there are a variety of excellent features to enjoy, where these include:

Customisable Designs

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive array of designs for your digital identity card, so you can find the perfect representation for your business. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and minimalist design or a colourful illustration, we have a range of options for you to pursue at your leisure. We also offer an exclusive range of earth conscious designs so you can promote your company’s commitment to sustainability.

Personalised Microsite

Our technology also facilitates the creation of a personalised microsite, where anyone who taps your digital identity card or tag will be taken to this page. You can customise your landing page to feature all your essential contact information whilst reflecting your company aesthetic, with a variety of style and colour options to choose from.

Admin Portal

You can take control of your digital identity card with the help of our user friendly admin portal, where you can adjust your microsite and settings whenever you need to. The portal gives you access to all our customisation features and editing tools in one place, so you can make changes on the go at the touch of a button.

Customer Analytics  

Our handy admin portal also gives you access to a comprehensive customer analytics page, where you can review the performance of your microsite. This means you can view visitor numbers and click through rates to see what’s working, where you can also make the most of our advanced analysis tools.

Security Features

We understand that privacy is a top priority when it comes to link sharing, which is why we offer a variety of useful security features to help protect your data. You can adjust your security settings at any time, where you’re in control of who connects with your card in order to prevent unwanted sharing.

Multimedia Integration

Our microsites are also designed to support multimedia integration, where you can add inserts from your social media and embed videos to embellish your landing page. All of this helps to encourage customers to explore your links and connect with your business.  

In addition to your key contact details, you can also incorporate links to top products, services and achievements in order to streamline your user experience, where this can help your business to grow in all areas.

How Your Business Can Benefit From A Digital Identity Card

All of these features come together to create an impressive way to network in the digital age. But beyond the analytical and customisation benefits of using a Zapmii card, there are a range of additional advantages to enjoy, especially compared to using traditional paper business cards. Some 0f these extra benefits for your business include:

Reducing Paper Consumption - When you upgrade to a digital identity card from paper, you will drastically reduce your consumption of physical resources. Instead of handing out disposable cards, you can send your customers directly to your site, cutting out the paper step that only contributes to your waste production.

Quick Connections - Using a Zapmii card allows you to make speedy, direct connections with your customers, where you don’t have to wait for them to manually find your socials or click on your links. This helps to make your networking process much more efficient than if you’re still depending on a paper based system.

Grow Online Presence - By directing your customers and clients directly to your social media pages, you will be able to grow your online presence much quicker than if you were depending on traditional networking strategies. This is made even easier with the analytics tools provided by the Zapmii admin portal.

Easy Updates - Unlike with a traditional business card that cannot be altered easily, a digital version can be changed whenever you like using Zapmii’s customisation features. This makes it easy to update your social media links and change your contact details, so you can ensure that customers always have your latest details to hand.

Tech Savvy Branding - If you’re trying to establish your brand as tech savvy and forward thinking, then investing in a social networking card is a great place to start. Clients and customers will be able to see that you’re prioritising your online presence, which can set you apart from more traditional competitors.

Zapmii: Start Your Digital Networking Journey Today

At Zapmii, we provide everything you need to kick start your digital networking experience. Choose one of our custom NFC cards to represent your business, available in a wide range of colours and designs. Alternatively you can opt for an NFC tag, which can be fixed to any prominent surface to create a connection point.

It couldn’t be easier to get started with Zapmii, where you can begin by exploring our design collection and choosing the right NFC product for your business. You can then order your chosen product online, where we will ship it directly to your door. Upon arrival, you can activate your card or tag and begin to set up your microsite with all your social links and contact details.  

From here, it’s up to you to share your business with the world. As you connect you can adjust your privacy settings and update your information whenever you need to. You may also tweak your microsite layout and boost customer engagement with the help of our analytical toolkit.

We’re committed to making a sustainable impact with our products, which is why we’re in collaboration with the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted. For every Zapmii NFC card sold, we will plant a tree to support reforestation efforts, so you can help the planet whilst developing your social media portfolio.

So why not explore our product catalogue today to begin your Zapmii adventure, or get in touch with our expert team to find out more about our NFC technology.

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